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Why choose Two as your B2B payment solution?

Learn more about the advantages and unique offerings that make Two stand out as the ideal B2B payment solution for your business.

Two has been specifically designed for merchants, by merchants. With a broad understanding of the typical pain points associated with B2B payments and offering trade credit, our founders dedicated themselves to fixing b-commerce.


Two helps businesses grow by removing credit risk, losses, and the delay in payment for products sold. The Two team is leading the way to a brighter future for B2B payments with their experience from large banks, B2B e-commerce, lending, and payments.


Here’s a quick run down of some of the benefits you can expect from using Two: Boost B2B sales Experience a 20% uplift in conversion rates and a 60% increase in average order value with our B2B payment solution. Our easily integrated solutions make it as easy as possible for your customers to checkout with terms for a frictionless buying experience.


Get paid straight away A well know drawback of offering net terms is the subsequent issues with cash flow you experience. Whilst it’s great that you’ve made a sale, waiting to be paid isn’t so great. With Two, you get paid as soon as you fulfil an order - either once a month or in instalments.


Eliminate admin Managing invoices in-house can be tedious and resource-intensive. With Two, you can eliminate the paperwork and skip other time-consuming tasks like customer onboarding, credit checks, and ID verification. Plus, Two automatically collects payments for invoices and tracks late payers. Say goodbye to chasing customers for due payments!


Offset credit and fraud risk Offering trade credit requires you to take on a certain amount of credit and fraud risk. After all, you’re entering into an agreement that’s based on trust (and due diligence). But Two takes on the credit and fraud risk for a stressless, purchasing experience.*


*Two may not provide the credit or fraud risk assessment depending on certain variables such as market or solution chosen.


On top of this, our amazing Customer Success team is always on hand to walk you through any process you need help with or any question you need answering. We work continuously with our merchants from day one to make sure you’re getting the most out of Two.

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