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Which solution suits my company the best?

Not sure which Two solution is the right fit for you business. Learn more about the different Two products and how they can help you boost B2B sales!

At Two, we call our collection of B2B payment solutions “The complete B2B payment suite.” That’s because we believe we can provide you with all the tools you need to cover any type of B2B sale, regardless of your business and current payments set up. But how do you know which solution suits your company the most? Here’s a run down of our different solutions and what they can be used for: E-Commerce Checkout

Designed to integrate seamlessly to your existing online checkout, the E-Commerce Checkout from Two helps you to increase conversion rates, grow your average basket size, and accept more business customers. By offering the E-Commerce Checkout, you can offer your business customers interest-free trade credit right from your online checkout. Learn more


The trade account was designed to serve your recurring customers and integrate into your customer sign up flow for frictionless onboarding. The beauty of this is that you can offer a truly one-click purchasing experience! Sellers who use the Trade Account have seen 18x higher retention rate and a 11x more orders. Learn more


The Order creator was created to capture B2B sales from all channels, whether that’s online, offline, or both. The Order Creator makes it simple to offer invoice purchases to all B2B customers regardless of what channel the sale is made from, allowing you to increase conversion rates and B2B sales, all while offloading credit risk and eliminating admin. Learn more


Instalments allows you to offer 3-24 month payment terms while getting paid upfront. This solution is perfect for selling subscription plans, rental services and big ticket items that are notoriously difficult to sell on annual plans. Two handles all the admin and invoicing, while making it easy to boost your sales.


Two Global allows you to enable simple, international b2b payments - whether you already sell online or have plans to upgrade your B2B order and payment flow. Covering Eurozone, United Kingdom, and North America, Two Global helps merchants who process a minimum transactional volume of EUR 10 million a month or will be in the next 2 years. Two removes risk and friction from business commerce by producing a truly global B2B payment system in partnership with Santander and Allianz Trade, the world’s most advanced financial institutions. Learn more

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