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Orders can have different statuses on the Order tab in the Merchant Portal. Learn more about what your status means here.

If you have already watched the tour of the Merchant Portal, you’re most likely familiar with our orders page. However, some more context and deep-diving might help you feel even more confident:



The order tab shows all orders placed by buyers using the Two checkout on your website, or placed by yourself using our Order Creator product in the portal. To access this page, click Orders on the left hand menu.

At the top, you’ll find the option to filter by date or by searching for information such as name, order number, company name, or invoice ID.


Your orders can have the following status:

Pending: This means that the order requires action, either from the buyer or from the merchant.

  • Customer confirmation: Your customer needs to confirm the order via their email
  • Customer verification: Your customer has not finished the verification step for this order
  • Awaiting fulfillment: You need to mark this order as fulfilled when you’ve processed the order

You should only fulfill the order once you have sent the goods. NB: If the Merchant doesn’t fulfill the order, no invoice will be generated and Two will not payout the purchase until the order is fulfilled.


Fulfilled: When fulfilled, the portal generates an invoice that is sent to the Buyer via email (immediately) and through EHF/Peppol if the Buyer is compliant with ELMA-registry. The email is sent to the email address that the Buyer has used when creating the order.

NB: The due date will use the fulfillment date as day 1.


Refunded: Orders where the buyer has been refunded, either partially or fully will have this status.


Cancelled: Cancelled orders can be the result of a few things. Either:

  1. You have cancelled the order
  1. The buyer has cancelled the order
  1. The order has been cancelled by our credit/fraud logic. In this case, Two will not fund the order. You are free to invoice your buyer directly without Two or have them purchase through another payment solution.

Overview of information in the orders:

Below you can find further information which can be found when you click on Orders and select a specific order from the list.

Order number: The order number that is connected to the Merchants website. Please include this in any support request as this is what Two uses to find your information.

Order state: This indicates which stage the order is at. The order can have the following statuses:

Purchase date: The date the order was made by the buyer

Buyer Information: Relevant information about the buyer such as:

  • Buyer Company Name
  • Buyer Company ID
  • Buyer department
  • Name of the buyer
  • Buyer phone number
  • Buyer email

Invoice details: Found on the right hand side of the order details. Information which can be seen here include the payment status of your order - these can be unpaid, paid, overdue, or in collection.

We’ve designed these statuses to be as clear as possible. This field will be empty for orders that have the status cancelled or unverified.

Additional information such as Invoice number, due date and billing address can be found here.

Order Value: The value of the order including VAT.


FAQS If you have any further questions, be sure to check out the FAQS section below. Simply click on the relevant question. If you still need help, contact us at


My buyer claims they have paid an order but it says unverified, what happened?

If an order is unverified, it’s not confirmed using Two. This means that the buyer can either have confirmed their order using another payment method, or they have simply misunderstood.

Our verification step is mandatory in order for us to proceed the order, this is partly due to our fraud and risk assessment done in the background.

There is a mismatch between my status in my own platform and the Two platform. What do I do?

Sometimes, technical issues can occur. The reason for this is many, but can for example be caused by using ERP systems that operate on behalf of automation. Usually, you’ll be able to see error messages in the order history log (such as “Please contact Two Admin” if unable to fulfil an order). In these cases, we recommend reaching out directly to Two to make sure everything works as it should.

I have shipped goods but the order seems to be unverified. What do I do?

If you ship goods on an order that has not been verified, Two will not be making a pay out. In these cases you can either invoice your customer directly or make sure the order gets verified, for example by having your customer retry the order.

When should I fulfil an order?

You should ideally only fulfil an order when you ship it, as thats when Two generates the payment date, schedule your payout and invoice your customer. If you expect long production time, delays or similar when fulfilling, we recommend you change the payment terms to reflect this.

What happens if I don’t fulfil an order at all?

An order that is verified by the Buyer but not fulfilled will remain verified or confirmed. Two will once a month send an automatic email to all Merchants asking to check their orders. This is because all orders are checked for credit, and if they remain unfulfilled too long, they might not get credit once you fulfill them. This is because Two does a real-time credit check, and a Company’s credit might change drastically over several months. We therefore cancel all orders that are not fulfilled and are over 90 days since creation time. We do give a heads up before doing so, in case you are waiting to ship items, production etc., so that these orders are not cancelled. This is to make sure all companies get the correct credit.

Do I need to keep track of my Merchant Portal in addition to my own portal?

Yes. Generally, the Merchant Portal is synced with your platform (for example WooCommerce), however there might be times where an order for some reason doesn’t sync correctly due to errors on the platform. Usually, this will create an alert in your order log history so that you are aware. Two will also reach out in all cases where we are alerted of any issues.

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