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My payout does not match the stated amount in my settlement report.

Learn why the payout amount might not match the statement report.

Settlement reports are always updated showing the correct amount of refunds and fees. The frequency that each settlement report is generated will depend on your payout preferences and when your orders where fulfilled.


This means it’s possible for settlement reports to be generated before a refund is processed. If this happens, the refund will be included in the first settlement report issued after the refund was processed.


Let’s look at an example to explain further:

The screenshot below is of a settlement report from Friday 12th May. You can see the Credit note paid and Credit note date columns here. Using the information provided here, we can see that a refund of 1348.50 has been paid and will be included in a settlement report on 26th May.


As a result, a deduction of 1348.50 is not associated with the settlement report from 12th May but rather the settlement report produced on 26th May.

Notion image

If there are refunds not included in your newest settlement report, the date on which the refund will be included will show in the column called Credit note date.


If you would like to change how often you receive settlement reports, please contact

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