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Credit risk

When offering trade credit to your B2B customers, Two absorbs your cash flow burden & takes on risk, including fraud. Learn how Two approaches credit risk.

One of the main benefits of using Two is to offload the credit risk associated with offering net terms. Thanks to Two’s credit engine, we are able to perform a credit check on your customers instantly. This means that Two carries the credit risk instead of you.


In some cases, a new buyer may be rejected for an order. This is because we have concluded that the buyer does not qualify for credit.


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Can Two take on a higher credit risk for my buyer?

Two will not provide a higher credit than what’s given. In that case, you can refer the buyer to a different payment method or the fallback function where your company takes the risk. If you are unsure, please reach out to

How can I make sure my buyer still makes the order with my Company, even if Two doesn’t accept credit?

You can either use the Guaranteed Checkout solution or offer other payment methods. When rejected on credit, your buyer will see that we do not offer them credit as an alert.

How can I see if an order was rejected due to credit?

In the new update of the Merchant Portal you will be able to see if someone was rejected on credit and how much. The current version will have these appear as cancelled.

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