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Credit Check

Two performs immediate credit checks of your customers and shows how much they’re approved for. Learn more about how Two credit checks your buyers here.

At Two, we employ a swift and comprehensive credit evaluation process for all purchasers utilizing our solution. By accessing credit reports and financial information of companies, we are able to conduct thorough assessments, enabling us to make well-informed credit decisions tailored to the specific terms of your buyer.

In general, when a company fails to obtain credit approval, Two will refrain from assuming the associated risk regarding the order. Instead, it will advise the buyer to utilize alternative payment methods or avail themselves of the Guaranteed Checkout feature.

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My buyer doesn’t get credit, what can I do?

As Two performs a sophisticated credit check, that the buyer gets is the limit we are willing to provide. If the buyer wants to buy more than we provide in credit, we recommend using the fallback solution where your company takes the risk and responsibility and Two solely provides the invoice solution. Other ways to proceed can be using another payment method.

My buyer got credit earlier but not anymore, how come?

As the credit provided by Two is based on buyer history and buyer information, this will constantly change. A company’s credit might change throughout a year and therefore Two will most likely provide different credit amount throughout the year.

Will my buyer be negatively impacted if they pay late?

If a buyer pays late they face being blocked from using Two as a payment option. In addition, buyers that pay late will face the possibility of their credit limit being reduced.

What affects a buyers credit limit?

Buyers credit limits can be affected by a number of things. Buyers may see their limits decreased if they pay invoices late or Two receives additional negative information on their company, e.g. they filed financial accounts that are worse than in previous year etc. However, buyers will see their credit limit remain constant if they pay early and on-time.

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