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I paid my invoice, why am I still receiving reminders to pay?

Learn why you’re still receiving reminders despite paying your invoice

When you purchase from a seller using Two, you will be reminded to pay for your invoice periodically. If you’ve already paid however, there are a couple reasons why you might still be receiving reminders.

  1. Direct Payment to Supplier (applicable if your merchant is REKKI): If you made the payment directly to your supplier instead of paying Two, our system might still send reminders for the unpaid invoice. To avoid this, always make sure to process payments through Two as instructed. To learn how to pay your invoice, read this article.
  1. Refund Request Issue: If you have requested a partial or complete refund, there could be a couple of reasons why you are still receiving reminders:
      • Merchant's Notification: The supplier might have forgotten to notify Two about the refund request, leading to continued reminders.
      • API Communication: There could have been a communication issue with the merchant's API, resulting in the refund details not being sent to Two promptly.

What should I do if I receive these reminders?

If you believe you’ve made a payment but are still receive reminders, kindly provide us with proof of payment via This could be a transaction receipt or a bank statement. You can also contact if you suspect there’s been an unrecorded refund.

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