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I have product questions, should I contact Two or the Merchant?

Do you have Product related questions? Find out more information on who to contact depending on what the issue is.

When to contact the Merchant/Seller: If your questions are in regards to the actual products received (or not received, if that’s the issue), you should contact the Merchant directly. Two is not able to help with any issue other than those related to payments.

This is also true where you have a direct dispute with the Merchant. You will usually find the Merchant’s contact details on the invoice or their website. When to contact Two: If you have issues with payment, terms etc, you can either contact Two or the Merchant. Generally speaking, it’s always best to contact the Merchant directly if you need to change anything on the invoice as they will need to issue the refund and reissuing a new invoice. If you have any technical issues related to our B2B payment solutions (such as issues checking out), feel free to contact us at

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