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How does Two work?

Never bought with Two before? Find out everything you need to know about Two, how it works, and how you can get started buying on instant trade credit.

Two is a payment solution for B2B purchases online, allowing you to buy from your favourite merchants and suppliers on trade credit. Using Two, you can access flexible trade credit instantly to make purchasing simple.


Why use Two to purchase?

  • Access trade credit terms instantly, even on your first order. Say goodbye to manual trade credit applications and time-consuming admin!
  • Improve your cash flow by purchasing what you need when you need it. Simply pay the total invoice amount at the end of the term.
  • No interest or fee for purchasing when using Two. You’ll receive a custom credit limit that allows you to purchase your goods instantly.

Two offers a variety of B2B payment solutions to suit your buying needs such as:

  • Trade Account - Create an account with your favourite suppliers for recurring purchases.
  • Order Creator - Receive direct invoicing for offline orders from the Merchant.

When using Two, you get an invoice via email once the Merchant fulfils your order. This is automatically generated by Two. In Norway, these also come by EHF if your company is registered in the ELMA registry. The payment terms are decided by the Merchant and are visible upon checkout. If you need longer terms, please reach out to your Merchant. Bear in mind that this requires re-issuing the invoice as editing a fulfilled invoice is not allowed.

As an example, lets look at the E-Commerce Checkout. After selecting your items on the Merchant’s website, head over to the checkout. From here, starting filling in your details such as name, email address, and phone number.


When you select your company name, Two’s Search API allows you to find your registered company and perform a credit check in seconds. This is completely harmless for your company and is done to keep the Merchant, your company and Two safe against fraudulent activity.


If the credit check is successful (we have a 90% acceptance rate), you’ll then be given the option to pay with Two.

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Once you place the order, Two requires you to verify. The verification method is based on which country you are based. For more information about verification read Why do I need to verify and how does verification work?

Once the order is complete, all you have to do is pay your invoice before the due date!

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