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How does the EHF process work?

Find out how the EHF process works and how to register to benefit from this system.

EHF invoices are sent solely to entities that are registered and can receive electronic invoices through this platform.

Important Note:

The order has been placed on behalf of Company Name+(Org. Number), which is not currently registered to receive EHF invoices. If you want to receive invoices via EHF, ask your accounting provider to enable you to receive EHF.

  1. Register Correct Company Name+(Org. Number) on the ELMA platform.
  1. Fill in all the required fields accurately, including the department and PO number to be marked on the invoice.
  1. Please note that once the invoice is issued, it will not possible to modify the recipient. Hence, prior to issuance, ensure that all details are accurately provided.
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