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I’m a Buyer!

Are you a Buyer? Here's our Buyer Help Kit: Two's Comprehensive Guide - Everything You Need to Know as a Buyer.

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I’m a Seller!

Are you a seller? Here's our Seller Help Kit: Two's Comprehensive Guide - Everything You Need to Know as a Seller.

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Who is Two?

Get to know us! Find out more about Two, our B2B BNPL solutions and what option is the best fit for your business.

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Discover complete information about all the plugins we support at Two, and how you can seamlessly integrate with us.

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How does the EHF Process work?

Learn how Governmental entities buy items but the municipal entity pays for it.

Why am I receiving invoices from Two and not the seller?

Find out why invoices are sent by Two and not your seller.

How to obtain payment-related information

Learn how you can get your payment-related questions answered.

I have no PDF file for my invoice, where can I find it?

Learn where to retrieve invoices sent by Two.

I paid my invoice, why am I still receiving reminders to pay?

Learn why you’re still receiving reminders despite paying your invoice

The invoice has the wrong details, can this be edited?

If you've provided the wrong invoice details when purchasing. No need to worry! Learn how to assure the mistake is corrected.

Logging in

Discover the steps to log into the Two Merchant Portal, we provide step-by-step instructions for easy access.


Orders can have different statuses on the Order tab in the Merchant Portal. Learn more about what your status means here.

Learn how the Customer Tab works

Are you a seller looking for information about your customers? Learn how to access the Customers tab and what information you can find here.

Credit Check

Two performs immediate credit checks of your customers and displays how much they’re approved for. Learn more about how Two credit checks your buyers here.

Invoice details

Learn more about the Order page and invoice details featured when a buyer places an order and receives an invoice.

Account & Settings

Learn more about the functionalities and features offered on the Accounts & Settings page of the Two Merchant Portal.

Credit risk

When offering instant trade credit to your B2B customers, Two absorbs your cash flow burden and takes on risk, including fraud. Learn more about how Two approaches credit risk

My payout does not match the stated amount in my settlement report.

Learn why the payout amount might not match the statement report.